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Rebecca has short curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Released in 2009, she represents a 1914's Russian-Jewish girl in a family of 7.


Her story starts of with her playing with her matryoshka dolls. She acts out her life with them and focuses on how she's too young to do stuff like lighting the sabbath candles and how the twins get to do it all of the time. Beckie longs for attention and often does it in the wrong way. She goes onto the street with Benny ,her brother,and put on a show. Bubbie pinches her ear and scolds her. Another problem comes up when the dicussion about her family in Russia during the war and because they are Jewish can't find a job. Rebecca now decides to raise money for her family in Russia instead of candlesticks. She worries about them constantly and can't wait to meet Ana. She insists on being as close as twins. When Moyshe,her moms cousin, comes over Beckie realizes she could persue an acting career but her papa wants her to be a teacher.

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